Monday, March 14, 2011

So here's the story.

Muse attacks writer with awesomest (she knows its not a word, let it go) idea ever.
Husband calls writer to tell her they're out of ham and bananas.
Muse throws fit in the car. Writer nearly has to pull over to address Muse's behavior.
Muse gets excited as writer unloads the car and puts away the ham and bananas.
Dog is wounded because writer did not bring home another stuffed toy for him to disembowel.
Daughter number one needs to make schedules clear for tomorrows extra curricular activities.
Daughter number two is playing something unintelligible on the drum set that some moron (me) got her for her birthday.
Writer decides to put on pajamas and pour a glass of wine.
Writer gets comfortable and demands quiet.
Dog decides he has to go potty.
Dog sees cat and forgets he has to potty.
Writer gets back to her laptop. Dog remembers that he had to potty.
Writer walks dog AGAIN and returns to her laptop.
Muse is now pissed and withholding information.
Writer closes laptop, pours the wine down the drain and goes to bed.
Goodnight all. 


  1. Augh, noooooooo! Writer needs a set of earplugs and a closed door, just for half an hour! Consider the blog post I put up today dedicated just to you--it's about finding time to write!

  2. LOL! I can so relate (minus the dog and two daughters part!) Work, family (hubby and son) can often interrupt a good muse!

  3. You always make me laugh! That is one hectic life you lead. I laughed at the ham and bananas errand. Those are not two items I would think to put together on a shopping list.

  4. Oh goodness...better luck tomorrow?

  5. Entertaining as always. I hope your muse attacks you again tomorrow. It sounds violent but productive. :)

  6. Muses can be so temperamental, can't they?

  7. Gah! Muses are so wonderful until they aren't. I hope your week got better!


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