Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Romancing My Protag.

Okay, so in the midst of life and how ridiculously busy its been lately, I've been thinking about my characters. Or, obsessing as my significant other likes to call it. Course I like to dream about little quiet moments where I get to shave my legs, paint my toenails, and tan too, but hey, no one calls that obsessing. Now that winter seems to be over, I'm really stressing over those Christmas pounds and don't even get me started on the level of paleness I've been able to achieve. Holy lord, my legs look like two bottles of Elmer's glue. But time to tan could be time spent writing. I wonder if I could get my laptop in one of those beds. Doubtful, and who needs an HP tan line on their stomach? Actually, that would be kinda cool.

Moving on to my protagonist now, and I promise not to discuss her legs or her weight. There's another problem. Her love interests. Ever read a book or twelve and find yourself diggin both hotties? Hello, team Edward over here. Can't decide on Gale or Peeta (The Hunger Games)? Ugh, what do you do when its your very own WIP and you have to make one of them the keeper and one them the weeper? Can't we keep em both? Come on, one of them is good with a knife, the other makes lovely little cakes. I like cake and if you add a man to that cake. Oh, my, gosh. Fantasy number four on my list. So, I came to a place in my WIP where I don't even know anymore. I mean, I think I do, but jeeze they're both so lovely. How do you let the other one down? I'm so sad right now. I hate break ups. I think my protag is going to have some ice cream in this next scene. I'm so depressed. Sigh.


  1. Hey, thanks for the follow! Nice to "meet" you. :) Oh yeah, team Peeta all the way. LOL

    I had a bit of the same decision prob in my own love triangle in my dystopian. Altho the choice wasn't tooooo hard for me. I think to make a better choice, I need to make the one character more sympathetic. Otherwise, it's too easy of a choice for both the reader and the MC! Good luck with yours. :) (Just let your MC decide, not you! Let them loose and see what happens, haha.)

  2. lol... you crack me up. I couldn't decide between Edward and Jacob either... but then, I'm pretty indecisive anyway.
    It's so so hard letting go of those characters (or figments I should say.) I was depressed for a month after I wrote out one of my love interests. I literally missed him. Reading it again isn't the same as imagining that first draft.
    Well, good luck, my friend. I'm confident in time you will know the right thing to do.
    The force is with you, young Jedi. :)

  3. Hehe! Forget characters, I want to hear mroe about ice cream! :) Thanks for the laugh.

  4. LOL! Wow that's a good question. I tend to fall for the white night guy when there are two love interests, although recently I thought I was falling for the dark knight in a book (until I realized he's really a white knight in disguise)- although the author put the MC with the other guy (pouts for a moment.)

    Is there a way you can keep both-- one as a friend and give him a new love interest? Or, is the break-up integral to moving along your character's development? (One author killed off my fave love interest in a book, but it was needed to build the MC's character and get her to a place she needed to be-- without his death, it wouldn't have worked.)

  5. Hmmm.. about to begin a historical romance...hope I manage it without too much worrying over my characters. :0)

  6. Well at least if you're struggling with the choice, your MC and readers will be too!

  7. (Apologies if I comment multiple times - having technical issues!)

    1. I would go with the cake every time. Mmmm, cake.

    2. Fake tanning lotion! A tan makes you look thinner, too--two birds with one stone.

    3. I am super shallow toda. Cake and tanning.

  8. T.C., if you need help figuring out which guy wins the girl in the end, feel free to send it my way and I can give an opinion. :)

  9. Ooooph! I had 3 guys in mine. And the chocolate ice cream is not a bad idea. That comes in my second book. As well as adding two more guys. . . a possible 3rd, but she's not into him.

    Nope. I will not tell you what happens between Sabrina and Dante!

    Good luck on the choosing. You know one of them will have to flub up somehow.


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