Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings Time.

Gah! I just lost a whole freaking hour. Any idea what that means? It means that I am now an hour later than I usually am. So, seeing as how I'm usually fifteen minutes late no matter what, I'm now going to be an hour and fifteen minutes late everywhere I go. Wonderful.

I don't know why we even do this, but I'll be screwed up for the next few days. Believe me. I know its a mind thing. Its not like someone came in during the night and actually removed an hour from my life, but it feels that way. See, I read till like two which was really three. The alarm was set for nine which was really ten and then by the time I hit snooze three times, you get the picture. Not good if you've got a lot to do.

On a good note though, I have been able to do some writing and me and Cooper went out for a wonderful walk in the park( weather here is so awesome) And I managed to visit with my mother and clear her computer of a dreadful virus. Unfortunately, I also removed Windows and it looks like everything else too. Whoops. That's gonna get complicated. Not bad for lost time. Hows your life going today? What are you up to in your writing world? I'd love to know.


  1. I truly HATE DST! I won't get a good nights rest for weeks...


  2. I too find this very confusing. You have moved on to summer time and we are still haven't, making the five hours difference into four - oh, well we'll get used to is until we, over this side of the pond, catch up.

  3. I vote to leave time alone! Unless we can go back in time, and fix stuff, or undo things. Then that would create more trouble. I know!

    I've been printing out my book, one chapter at a time and reading through to find the mistakes/repetitive lines, etc. I love editing this way better.

  4. Every time we change time it seems I finally get acclimated to the new time and it's time to change again!

    This year, for some unknown reason, I am adjusting a bit better-- but we've only had two days of it, give me time to get confused!

  5. Just think about how blissful it will be to get that hour back in November! I know what you mean though. I was 45 minutes late to work this morning and blogger didn't release my post as scheduled or send me my email once I manually pushed it. I guess even technology is still sleeping.

  6. So does your mom like want to strangle you now? LOL I hate comptuer viruses. We've got some mebroot thing on our desktop that's been there for 2 years. It slooooows everything down.

    DST isn't my favorite either, but if you spend all your time thinking it really should be another time then you're wasting even more time! ;)


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