Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I reached a milestone in my writing last week, finishing an entire re-write. It was so exciting. I've been receiving some awesome, way helpful feedback from my critique partners.  Who could live without them?

So, in the midst of fixing my screw ups, I decided to send my MS to my Kindle. I read late at night when the house is quiet and everyone including the dog is asleep. What a perfect way to see it from the readers perspective. And I had to grab a notebook. I've found so many inconsistencies and mistakes. Nothing to warrant another re-write, thank God. But just a few things here and there that I missed when I was looking at it on the computer. So, I'm back to search and destroy. If you haven't done this and you have a tablet or an e-reader, do it. It's totally worth it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Morning After

Happy Monday, people! There's nothing like spending an entire weekend writing. Admittedly, I should have checked my email, scrubbed a toilet or three, mopped an incredibly disgraceful kitchen floor, and changed out of my pajamas, but hey, I just wasn't feeling it.  For anyone who emailed me and wasn't answered promptly. You have my apologies. I did come out of my cave long enough to take my Dad to dinner last night. No worries. I did change out of my pajamas long enough to do that. I hope you and the Dad's in your life had a wonderful day.

It felt nice to spend time with my Dad and my characters. I'm nearing the end of my current WIP and I'm a little nervous. I'm wondering if I can make it what I want it to be, ya know, that awesome ending I so desire. I know. Me and everybody else. My story isn't going to be told in just one potential book. There will be a part two. So, now I'm trying to figure out how to end part one. I read series books a lot and I love them. Some have those cliffhangers at the end that just abruptly stop, leaving you slamming your head into the pillow, cursing the publishing giants who take like a gazillion freaking years to put out the next book. Are they trying to give me a brain aneurysm? Then there's those books that end discreetly, leaving a few doors open, offering up an ending that could be the real end. But sometimes they stand alone so well, I don't even know there is a second book until I happen upon it. Not real good. Guess I'll figure it out as I go or the story will do that for me, right? In the meantime, what's your favorite ending? Are you a, to be continued kind of reader or do you prefer a little closure? Do tell.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ever feel like this?

I found this little guy last night. He was just hanging out on the front door during a thunderstorm. Instantly, I felt a connection. We've all been there, sort of. Ya know, feeling like every door is closed off, barely offering a hint of an opening, and wondering if we just take that leap or not. Pretty scary stuff. Then I thought, well, maybe he's not stuck, or scared, or wondering if he should slide back down to the porch and lay low. No, maybe this little guy has had enough of laying low and he's just feeling adventurous. Then again, maybe he's just a creepy stalker frog. Are there laws against that sort of thing? Then my daughter told me to stop talking to the frog. There's nothing to figure out. He's just a frog, stuck to the front door. It's not a sign or a message. She can say whatever she wants but I think I had a moment there with little frog dude. It made me think about where I am with my writing. I know, kind of a stretch isn't it? Anymore, everything makes me think of my writing. I'm weird like that. But I think each of us can picture an agent on the other side of that door, scratching his or her head, while thinking, WOW, now that is determination. Right before they call the police. Don't go to this extreme. 

Are you on the porch, the door? Who's face are you in? There are so many stages to writing. As I told my good friend Mary Waibel last night. When I picture my WIP, I picture it in training pants, the little plastic ones, with little words all over them. But its a stage we all have to go through so I'm okay with that. So where are you? Are you like my little frog dude here? Or are you laying low on the porch, wondering if and when you might take that leap?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Under Construction

If you happen to stop by, please excuse the mess. I am currently trying to make this place all pretty and I'm just undecided at the moment. It may be a few days before I have time to change things again. Decorating the blog is kind of fun. Guess its okay to explore my options.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My daughter is graduating high school on Friday. I can't believe it. Time just flies by so fast. I find myself telling her to take it easy. Stop trying to do everything all at once. Enjoy this time because before you know it, its gone. And she answers me in that true to teenager form. I get the eye roll followed by an awkward silence. I'm afraid for her. I don't think she's prepared for  life. She obviously has no idea how freaking cool I am. And she thinks she's ready for the world....Eye Roll. Sad.

Happy Weekend ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Is this thing still here?

As I write this, one of these little devils has his head resting on my shoulder like he's editing my work.  He's not this little anymore. This is actually a picture of his brothers and sisters.  He's now full grown and 147 pounds. There's nothing like trying to finish a book while a Great Dane looks over your shoulder. He just stands behind my office chair, and every time I turn my head, there's a cold nose on my cheek. After months of this, he got his way and ended up as a character in my WIP. Talk about being assertive. I have to admire his determination. He seems to be more relaxed now, although, he's still supervising from time to time. Has this happened to you? Has someone or something in your life ended up in your writing when you never really planned it that way? Please disclose.

Happy Weekend!