Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well Hello There.

So I'm back from my vacation in Bermuda and I'm missing it already. To say that I had a bit of R&R would be putting it mildly. I lounged around the pool all day, sipping lovely little fruity drinks that some tanned guy named Javier kept bringing me. Well okay, his name wasn't really Javier but he didn't seem to mind that I kept calling him that, although, when I tried to use his wash board of a stomach to help out with a little laundry mishap, he failed to see the humor in it. I say what good is a wash board for a stomach if you can't use it to get out a little mustard stain, hum?

On a serious note, I thought I'd die without the computer and my cell phone for eight days. I definitely didn't. Doing nothing seems to come alarmingly natural for me after about, oh, the first hour or so. Disappointing for sure. I thought I'd at least need forty eight hours to adjust to being a complete slug, but it appears my weaknesses are easily reachable. Good to know. Word to the wise if you're planning a trip to Bermuda or even one that involves a very large boat as mine did. Stop after two rum swizzles. I mean it! I ended up a little sideways along the top deck, lost my wallet in the bathroom, and I think I had half a pizza. It was a grand time, and no, I never found my wallet, had to file a lost/stolen report, and was concerned I'd never make it back into my own country without a picture ID. For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to travel all the way to Mexico just to get back into the country. Ah...good times. Now that's a vacation to remember. I do miss my wallet though. I had to cancel everything. I'm waiting for replacement cards, and there was a coupon from the bra and panty club at Belk that needed only one more stamp for a freebie and now its gone. Whoever has my wallet, I hope you end up with a pair of skivvies that give you perma-wedge. Not that I'm bitter just slightly vindictive. 
Moving on past the skivvies, I was able to use some of my vacation getting into one of my characters. Part of my story involves some time out on the open sea. It was truly inspiring to take in the scents and sounds, the air, everything that my character might have felt were she truly there. I hope I can put that inspiration to good use now that I'm back at my computer, but somehow I think experiencing something that surreal can never be written as well as it was felt. Maybe I'll have just one more rum swizzle while I give it a try.
I'll be stalking you soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm back...

Helloooooo fellow bloggers. I've been away in Bermuda being bad but I am back. Hopefully if time permits I'll have a real post and some pictures out before the end of the week. Hope everyone in the writer/blogging world have been wonderful this week. I look forward to catching up.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goals. Er....

Goals, we all have them. Reaching them, well, that's quite the conundrum. Sometimes I think its about fear. Like if we actually reach our goals, then what? I've been trying to finish rewriting my MS. I get on a roll then I just back off. It's like I'm afraid to be finished. It's so...FINAL.

Then again, maybe its what's lurking behind the finish line. Literary agents, synopsis's, and query letters. OH MY!

So, I was able to sympathize with my dog, Cooper, today. Strapping young pooch, one hundred and sixty pounds of man puppy. His goal. The bone. The conundrum? The bone was behind the door. Not a real problem you say. Ah, but hold on. The ironing board (literary agent) was behind the door. The ironing board is very scary to man puppy. It makes a loud screeching noise whenever it's approached with clothes (query letters). Apparently ironing board is particular about clothing associations.  Puppy backs away from the door, paws the air, and whimpers in a whining puppy sort of chanting way, hoping to will the bone to puppy. No chance.  Bone is now being held hostage by the damn ironing board, and man puppy has abandoned goals of being respectable altogether. He's spread eagle on the bed in front of the fan, showing his man goodies to the world. My God man, show some decency. This will not be me, people. I'm going to get the bone (manuscript done)  for the man puppy. Hopefully, his moral code will be restored before he winds up as Mr. October. Fingers crossed.