Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Winner Is....

Okay, so the votes are in and as you all know, the contest was meant to help us all in discovering new possible titles for our works. I'd like to add that there were a few titles mentioned during the contest that are currently being used as titles for WIP for several followers. Me included. I'm sure we all agree to hold those titles off limits with professional courtesy. If not, we will know who you are. We will form a mob and show up to ruin your first book signing. We will claim that you wrote the book sitting naked in your car while parked in front of an elementary school. The doors of Borders and Barnes and Noble will look like flood gates for your would be fans. So, lets all be good to each other and nobody ends up on a national database for sex offenders. (just kidding about most of that)Now, to announce the winner. (drunken midget steps up to the microphone and inhales not one but two doses of helium from surrounding balloons at the winners circle, clears throat)
The winner is Lorelei Bell who chose the title Ember. (drunken midget realizes there are more balloons out back and stumbles off stage) Congratulations Lorelei! I will need your address to send you the gift card. You may email it to me at and I will get that in the mail for you.
Now, I promised a list of other possible titles that I thought up. All of these titles are up for grabs as far as my research has allowed me to know. Meaning that I haven't found them to have been previously published, nor do I know of anyone currently planning to use them.


That's all I could come up with. There are a few words listed here that I could see plastered across some awesome looking book jacket, but others just don't seem to resonate. I hope you find them interesting to play with. I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my first contest. I promise it won't be the last. And I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving( for those that have Thanksgiving). This will be my last post until Friday or Saturday. I have pumpkin pies to bake and family to attend to and I'm sure I'll be hungover As will all of you, I'm sure. So, all of you be safe if you're traveling and enjoy your time off. I'll virtually see you in a few days:)


  1. Awesome. Congratulations Lorelei!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Congrats Lori! Great title. And thanks TC for such a cool contest!

  3. Thank you to the drunk midget on a helium high, and thank you T.C., and to all your readers.
    Ahem . . .
    Well, I'm not much for speaches.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and hope you all doze off the turkey-itis during the football games, amid the jello, left-overs, and pumpkin pie dreams you may have :D


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