Monday, November 29, 2010

Losing My Smarts!

Ya know, as a wannabe writer and all, one would think I'd be expanding on my vocabulary. Ya know, learn new and impressive terms to wow my audience into submission while they "ooh" and "awe" in delight when they see that I have used magnanimous in a sentence. Well, let me tell you that as of late, there will be no "oohing" and or "awing" coming at me from any of you. Nope! Not gonna happen. In fact, if you could hear me now, you'd think I were trying to recover from a mild stroke. You see, I'm trying to write. Hoping to, wanting to, needing to. BUT...I like a moron, thought that it would be just totally awesome cool to put up a Christmas tree and own a Great Dane puppy at the same time. Now I'm saying things like aaaaaaaaaaaaat, noooooo, noat, fristidit d tree, ooh, I'm gona, arrrrrg, and many other incoherent, crazy person ramblings, shaking fits, and rants that I'm sure by now he thinks he's doing something good for mommy while he tries to eat my freakin tree people! "But is it so bad?" my husband asks while he secretly laughs at me behind my back (I feel so betrayed). Well no, it's not that bad...puddin. I mean, I should be able to concentrate while an animal desecrates an angel on the oriental rug, but instead, I just get this gnawing feeling that I should cross myself even though I'm not even Catholic! But ya know, I will try to recover from this and become imperturbable. After all, it's not like I'm trying to rank up there with Jane Austen or anything, but I'd rather not sound like a drunken pirate either. Wish me luck people, gotta go retrieve a violated Missus Clause from the jaws of Cooper de Grinch.


  1. Haha, you may be losing your smarts, but certainly not your humor. If you think one puppy is hard, try 4. It's amazing I'm still coherent even one percent of the time. Drunken pirate would probably be a step up for me.

  2. LOL! Cats are just as bad. They think the tree is their personal playground and sleeping post.

    Love your comments, I might have to adopt a few for our cats.

  3. Hi TC, I followed you over here from Terry's blog and wanted to say hi.

    I can sympathize with your situation. Several years back I tried to take care of three kittens & a christmas tree. Don't want to add to your anxiety here, but my experiment did not end well. lol

  4. Yeah, so far it's not going so good. I have a feeling he'll come around to my way of thinking soon. I sure hope so.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Uh... sorry I shouldn't be laughing at your troubles... but I cannot stop myself.

    A couple of years ago we brought home a new dog (a playmate for our chocolate lab) this time of year... with a tree up.

    It was a very entertaining month.

    The dog we brought home was already larger than our chocolate lab. We were told he was a black golden retriever - - but now I really think he got more Newfoundland in him. HE's HUGE!!

    He'd lived the first year of his life on the street and then months in the animal shelter because no one wanted him.

    So when we brought him home, he'd sleep under the kitchen table with the chair legs blocking him in. Sad. But that was where he was most comfortable. Now, he sleeps on the couch. HA. But it was crazy getting him acclimated to a family.

    We love him.

    Your little doggie will settle in. Might still desecrate things... hahaha.

    Hang in there!

  6. Well we all have our moments. I hope the rescue went well and that no emergency medical crews were not called to recessitate her.

  7. Regina, we lost an angel. We had a small ceremony, I think it went well;)


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