Friday, November 5, 2010

My Titles

I thought I'd post some of my own titles. A few that I have found to be cool and a couple that I'm already using. I'm not a part of the contest of course, so these titles are opted out, but here is my tiny list of possible titles for a YA paranormal romance:
Now onto the names of my current works in progress:

CRAVENNESS (formerly CHANCING MIDNIGHT): Sixteen year old vampire-Jada Craven, must discover who murdered her father and find his missing journal-a journal that holds a breakthrough that may reverse the curse of immortality and change the vampire world forever. 

CANEBRAKE:  In the darkened woods of Canebrake Mississippi, people have been disappearing  for decades, and detective Ashley Morgan has her hands full of bad leads and haunting tales. But as she digs deeper into each case, she discovers that each victim has something in common; they are all criminals. Now it's up to her to figure out how a patch of trees, or what's within them, has the power to discriminate or even kill.

WILL OF THE WALKERS:  Not a one worded title and I can't even begin to summarize this one. This baby was my first novel and it is so dear to my heart, but it's a little bigger than me for the moment, so more on this one when I figure it out.

So what do you guys think of my titles?


  1. I absolutely love Will of the Walkers. I'm currently working on two novels, and I go back and forth on titles all the time. I think all of your current titles are great though.

  2. Thanks Caroline. I have done the same thing but I think I'm stuck on Will of the Walkers as well. I guess we all do this as our stories evolve.

  3. I too really like 'Will of the Walkers' for a title, even not having read your work. Just sounds intriguing!

  4. Very cool titles!

    I'm currently working on Sleeping Handsome (formerly Quest of the Hart) and The Ruby Dagger.

    Will of the Walkers is an intriguing title. Can't wait to hear a summary of the story!

  5. I love Divinity and the Will of the Walkers!! And Opulence is awesome too!

  6. Ok, now your making me want to read, read, read. They sound amazing.


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