Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday.

Okay, so you all know I'm in the middle of revisions- if you didn't, you do now. And this ain't the first time people. But now... it's like... all of sudden-no blinders. They're gone! I can see my MS a little differently now(if it were printed out-you'd think I was designing paper dolls). Anyway, it's during the revision process that I look back on those first days of writing and I remember how the story originally formed then I look at how much my writing has changed. (I always picture Gracie, my 4 year old cousin clicking her tongue with disapproval as she reads through my MS. Hey, it could happen--kids a genius) So going back to the beginning is more than just a moment of reflection, it's also embarrassing. (I actually showed it to people) So I thought we could share in horror stories for Flashback Friday. I'll go first. Okay, so I finished my MS and I was so excited I started querying agents. Yep, that's right. No revisions, no beta readers, nothing. Just sent out a few emails. Oh, and should I add that I even sent one to Nathan Bransford. Yup-I did it. He was so sweet though.  He even got back to me the same day. Impressive huh? Now I wonder if he was being sweet or if he thought he was talking to a ya know..."special person". I'll go with the latter. Oh, wait, it gets better. Then I figured I'd go for the gold, ya know, the imbecile of the year award. Caren Johnson Estensen of said literary agency, held a pitch session on her blog. I actually spelled "fairy" ferry. I then sat in the garage with the car running until my husband made me feel even better, by telling me that you cannot end it all if the garage door is open. I'll have you know that the imbecile of the year award is gleaming on the mantle right now as I speak. So, if any of you should run into these people in any way, you do not know me. Never heard of me. Now it's your turn to flashback. What's your most embarrassing moment from way back when?


  1. LOL!!! I shared my MS with my mother-in-law, an avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy reader. She read it and enjoyed it, telling me it would be a great teaching story for young girls. I was going for a more fantasy/quest type story for teens. Oh, well. Back to the editing!

  2. SO far I've been pretty CLOSED DOOR with my writing. I'm planning to give it out to some people first just to see what they think of it. I know I should edit first. But I'm not going too. I'm sure that will turn into a shame.

  3. My most embarrassing writer moment is bringing a piece to a 25-student workshop in college that had no plot. Oh and I queried my third draft to NB. Not my first, but still...Really. Really. Bad. Cheers to progress!


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