Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Write...Right!

Allow me to set up the scene: Calculating young fiend (my teenage daughter) comes into living room and announces that a friend (evil looking cretin who ends every word with an " A" due to attitude, worry not, she knows I perceive her in an aura of complete darkness ) should be allowed to visit. Then she proceeds onto her selling points. "It's not as though you should mind such a visit." she says "It's not like you're going to be doing anything except sitting around all day and writing (folds her arms, seems pleased with her argument)". And that's when I stopped mid-sentence to glare at young fiend over the top of writing machine, and at that moment, I was hoping to conjure up a brain producing laser beam to hurl into her empty head. No such luck. But I had to wonder, is this what she thinks of writing? That we just sit around all day in fantasy land, plotting the demise or the happily ever after of fictitious characters, producing scenes filled with crime, mayhem, lust, mystery, oh and kissing....we cannot forget the kissing- people? Well, what a "Who-Ra" of a time we've all been having haven't we. Bunch o' smut type 'rs!
Don't worry- I clued her in, brain notwithstanding, however, do you ever wonder if those around you really understand what goes into your writing? The research, the networking with other authors, the stalking of agents, the countless hours studying the do's and dont's of the publishing industry, the stalking of cats and dogs that belong to agents, the building of your brand, and hopefully, a following of fans to come whenever you do get that call, but most importantly the nurturing of those friendships you've made along the way. Then, and only then, when all of that is done, are you able to sit down and write. But then, damn it all, it's time for bed. I think it's safe to say after young fiends little life lesson on what is okay, and not okay to say to Mommy, she now views me as a superhero, I mean, how could she not. I get most of that done in a day, plus dinner, cleaning, work, and laundry. Heck sometimes, I even go all out and shave my legs and paint the toesies. I'd say that makes us super-heroes, don't you think?


  1. ROTFL! Amen, sista! My fam has no possible clue ... and being only the insignificant unpubbed author that i am, how could I possibly expect any real respect??
    That's why I have to wake in the very early hours of morn to get any real writing done. Otherwise it's just a "hobby" I spend too much time doing and it takes me away from more "important things."

    Of course, I'm married to the world's cleanest man who can't stand for the house to get into disarray--at which, I'd be a slacker for--since writing 6k words in a day is not really productive. lol!

    I really hope it all pays off one day. :s

    You summed it up nicely. :)

  2. LOL! I am there with you and PK. I do most of my writing while the family is away from home (son at school, hubby at work). On the days when I am at work, it means I write either before I leave, or before they come home. Sometimes not at all.

    But, one thing I have learned is this is my dream, and while I love them both dearly, I will not give up my dream so I can vacuum the floor! (That is son's new chore :))

  3. Thanks guys. 6k a day, come on PK, such a slacker. Oh if the fam had half a clue huh. I'm with you Mary. I think we tend to give up too much of who we are when we have a family, but some things are not negotiable and writing is just one of those things. We must follow our dreams or else we may never know where they could have taken us.

  4. AND you painted your toes? Stop showing the rest of us up, please!

    This is why it's so important to me to be a part of the online writing community--you have to be in the middle of it to understand what it's all about! (I was going to say 'understand we're not completely mad, but... evidence for that is not completely compelling.)

  5. Seriously! That whole shaving and toes bit pushed you over the edge in my DO you find the time for that??? ;-)

    Superhero powers...must BE!

  6. It was easy, my husband took the lap-top to check his Face-book. I had no choice, so might as well make the best of a computer-less afternoon. The tosies really appreciated the attention;)

  7. I feel guilty. I don't have kids at home, I rarely clean house, and I don't write 6,000 words a day. The trifecta of lazy.

  8. Don't feel guilty Karla, you'll probably live a lot longer than the rest of us;)

  9. I understand this position that you take with these villains that invade your secret writing lair. Sometimes mine make fun of me when the laptop is up and running while I at peewee football practice.

    I had to explain to my husband that my laptop was the equivalent to his remote! He likes to go cut wood with his chainsaw and I like to carve out a masterpiece with words on here. Men.

  10. Oh, Regina has dared to utter that one profound word..."Men". Although we all may agree that they will never understand, we must excuse them from that responsibility just a bit, I mean, after all, we're talking about grown human beings who still tend to be mesmerized by rotating musical baby mobile's. It's all about knowing your audience after all:))


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