Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Think You Know A Person.

Its been busy in the Mckee household as usual. Finding time to write has been nonexistent, although, I'm happy to report that the bathroom redo is almost done. Thank god. I actually put in a bathroom sink myself. Faucet and everything. I'm glowing with pride at the moment, but I must confess that I keep running downstairs every half hour to see if we've sprouted a leak. 

So, with the chores complete for the day, I decided to steal away with my trusty laptop and form a few sentences, change a few things here and there, check on all my blogging buddies, and take a well deserved break (come on, I put in a sink). And what would make a break all the more enjoyable but a few Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Um hum. I open the pantry. They're not there. Shelf two, just beside the oatmeal. They're gone. Someones moved them. Husband begins to bite fingernails by the refrigerator. Shelf one is housing a lovely box of Peanut Butter Patties but I don't want them. I want Thin Mints. Hubby silently walks over and peeks over my shoulder to help. But nothing helps. There are no Thin Mints.

A brief investigation which included a floor to ceiling search, mild interrogations of every family member, and a mint breathalyzer test that I should patent was executed to everything that moved, except for one Great Dane who hid like a coward under the kitchen table. Guard dog my ...

The perpetrator turned out to be the very man that shares my life. My checkbook, my everything. I wash this mans underwear and how does he repay me? Does he share the last Thin Mint? No he does not. Is he showing an ounce of remorse? No he is not. He thinks this is funny. Foolish man. Does he not know that one does not mess with another persons Thin Mints? Who does that? I can't write now. I'm uninspired and frankly heartbroken. I was planning to tweak a love scene but I'm afraid an act of war would be the only thing that my mind could conjure up. And there's no reason to put my characters through that sort of suffering. No, tonight I will attempt to satiate my craving with Peanut Butter Patties, and tomorrow I will hunt me some Girl Scouts.

I'm not sure I will ever view the man I have loved the same. You think you know a person. But do we ever know what one is truly capable of?


  1. LOL! I can just picture you going through the house giving your breathalyzer and searching for the little green box.

    I hope the PBP's were a good substitute for you. I know how hard it is to substitute when your mind is set on something.

    Glad to hear you remodeling is almost done. Ours is getting closer, too!

  2. The very idea of such a thing happening! He should be ashamed.

    Well, let's hope the girl scouts are out awaiting your arrival.

  3. HA! Oh no!! I hate that feeling, when your mouth is all ready for something nommy and you get let down. Nothing is doable anymore. Life turns gray and flowers wilt. :( Hope you find some girl scouts to help write!

  4. LOL that's so funny!! Not funny that you had to go cookie-less, but funny that hubby inhaled it without a second thought. Have a great day:)

  5. Hahaha! My husband does that all the time. I can't keep snacks in the house because he polishes them off when he's up late playing his computer games.

  6. Lol! That's too funny! Thin mints are sacred!!!! But I got your comment about low-fat recipes. Tell me about it! I was about to go pesco vegetarian for a few weeks to knock of 5-10 lbs real quick.


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