Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And the Winner Is...

The Riddle Was:

It can be forever welcoming, yet cold and selfish. It takes and refuses to give, but for that, I am eternally grateful. It offers contrast and rest, moves but remains. It is sleek, quiet, and often in the wee hours of night, it never fails to surprise. It is peace and discord, and it is my VD present. I am happy about it. What am I?
It is something almost everyone has. Some have more than one and those who don't wish they did. It is something of need. Something made of porcelain, and most definitely, NOT something anyone usually gets for Valentine's Day. I suppose, however, such an object could hold a lot of roses and keep them vibrant for several days. What am I.
You use this all the time.

The answer is: A new toilet. Yep. A new toilet for Valentines Day. And the winner of the contest is none other than the lovely PK Hrezo. WooHoo! Congratulations! Pk, you get to pick out a book you've been wanting and it shall be yours. I'll be emailing you for your information.

Now, before any of you begin plotting on how to put my husbands head in one of these. Lemme esplain.
The picture above is not of the actual toilet. Or even my bathroom. We've been wanting to redo our laundry room/half bath since the day we bought our house, six years ago. But something more pressing always came up. We'd check out tiles, look over paint swatches, get a plan together, and then lo and behold the heat pump went out, or the roof needed to be replaced. Yada Yada. You get the picture. But not this time baby. The floor guy will be here on Monday to lay the new floor. That old toilet that I've repaired personally more times than I can count, will no longer need my paper clip technique to keep the little stopper thingy from staying up. And those paint swatches, a thing of the past after tomorrow. I'm so excited. So we made a little deal. We promised that we wouldn't really do V-day this year. Cards were permitted, but a new sink and vanity, flooring, hardware, and the shiny new toilet would be our gift to each other. Totally cool with that. I mean, just think-it, the shelf life of roses, like three days tops. But a toilet could provide a leisurely place for reading for years to come. It's a no brainer people.

But....we blew it. Turns out that he got me roses anyway and I just happened to show up at his work holding his favorite salad and baked potato from a local restaurant. Great minds think alike.


  1. Aww! That is awesome. I am with you-- I would rather get something I can use than candy or flowers. (My hubby got wine from me, and I got wine from him-- it was great!)

    Glad you're finally getting your new room!

  2. Well congrats to PK on guessing correctly. As soon as I saw her post, I knew she'd gotten it.

    And, you know, if a toilet makes you both happy, then it's a great gift. Being able to do something you've dreamed of doing with your house is more special than a box of chocolates, and something you can keep forever (well, I guess you could keep the pounds from the chocolate forever, but I'm still rooting for the toilet). And I think it's cute you "blew it".

    Happy V-Day again :)

  3. YAY!!! It's not a typical V-day gift, but it's the gift that keeps on giving. lol!

    I'd absolutely LOVE to have my bathroom remodeled. Better than any other V-day gift ... well, maybe not diamonds, but who gets diamonds for V-day anyway?! Let me kick her arse, too ;)

    So any book?? Ok, I have to think about this....

  4. Awe wow! I hope you'll post some pictures of your shiny new bath when it's done! Great present, indeed!!


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