Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tweet what?

Okay, so I'm rarely ever quiet unless I'm sick or reading, and even then, I've been known to croon muffled sweet nothings at Robitussin bottles or compliment my favorite authors while I read their books. My opinion seems to have it's own free will and occasionally I'm just as shocked as everyone else when I realize that I have spoken out loud. Believe me, it's not always a good thing. That whole honesty is always the best answer thing, well, I really took that seriously. But in all my incessant chatter, humor, and occasional rant, I can't find a thing to say on Twitter. Nothing. I just sit there staring at the screen thinking about whether or not anyone will give a rats patooty if I'm going to the store (for those of you who do, I'm picking up cabbage for cole slaw later, having barbecue for dinner, just a heads up). I mean, sure there is the occasional post on someones contest or a great little writing tip you found over on some amazing blog, but other than that, I've got a sock in it. I'm getting on my own nerves. Heck, I just put out a whole freakin paragraph on how I couldn't tweet. I of all people should be able to say something. So what's so weird and intimidating about two or three little sentences? Am I just feeling confined by the character limit? Anybody else have this problem?


  1. I am not a big tweeter either, but I do enjoy reading others.

  2. I got into twitter to chat with friends, but have fallen out of the habit as I have been busy with work, writing, and life.

    One day I will figure out how to bring twitter back into my life, but until then, people don't really need to know what I'm going to the store for (those who need to know already know what I'm after!)

    Have a great day! And, happy tweeting!

  3. I have not yet gotten comfortable with Twitter either. Trying. But not sure about it. We could just tweet each other. About nothing.
    The winners in my 100 follower book giveaway contest are announced on my blog today - AND there are CUPCAKES for everyone!! Thanks for participating.

  4. I've never ventured into the tweeting world and only glanced at the Facebook thing. I'm bad about spewing out whatever is in my head too. Good luck with the tweeting!

  5. I've found I'm not a huge tweeter either. I guess the thing about tweeting is that it's pretty easy, and kinda throwaway. Once you add your tweet, it's gone 30 seconds later. So it's not as lasting as blog post.

  6. Oh cool! It's not just me. I was beginning to worry a little. Thanks for the comments:)

  7. It's taken me a few months to like Twitter. At first I couldn't get into it at all. Now I love it! It's so interactive. You can reply to anyone in the twitterverse and most of the time they respond back. I spy on agents and authors and give my two cents sometimes. I know it's prolly weird and they all must think I'm a wannabe, but the way I see it, is that if they don't want peeps responding they shouldn't be putting it up there for the world to see.
    I've found some great connections on there. Also, I've found that if you customize your stream, like #askagent, #amwriting, #amediting, etc... you get better tweets to relate to and can be more interactive.
    I try to pop in at least once a day and have found even if I don't have anything to say, just retweet someone else's funny comment or helpful link. They'll appreciate it, and you're still creating an online presence.
    Speaking of which, I need to get over there now ....

  8. I'm a tweet twit. I really don't know how to use it and I'm not even remotely funny or entertaining when I try.


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