Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Award!

I'm so thrilled! A few of my wonderful followers have been kind enough to give me this award. Thanks guys. I've been blogging since last October, and yet, I'm still so amazed by the blogging community everyday. Or maybe its just the writing community. I don't know for sure, but I've never been graced with such an astounding presence of kindness, encouragement, and genuine friendship.
When I first started this blog, I was nervous. Putting ourselves out there is not the easiest thing to do for some of us. We worry about criticism, fitting in, saying something stupid (there's a shocker). But instead of getting any of those things, I got a warm virtual embrace. And in return for that embrace, I try to pay it forward and I always will. So without further ado:

I'm supposed to list the blogger or bloggers who gave me this award. They are:
Alexis Bass
Thank You.
And I'm supposed to give this thingy away to like fifteen other people. So....
Jamie-I'm a guy BTW
Tracy-Forever Endeavor
Abby Minard
Mary Jensen
Plamena Schmidt
Stephany at Stuck between the pages.
Melissa Dean
Michelle Arkon
Lindsay at Tiptoe Kisses

Okay, so I tried to give this away to fifteen other people. And everyone I know seems to already have it. But I tried. Promise. Swear. So here's what you've truly been waiting for, or not. The stuff about me that you probably didn't know.

1. I love to play Eighties Trivia or Monopoly with my husband (even though he's a Slum-Lord while playing Monopoly; nobody should have to pay rent like that when there is no house, just saying). 

2. I'm always freezing so I look like a bag lady when I walk the dog...REALLY.

3.I'm only 5'4 and a half (yes, it counts).

4. I'm honest to a fault (I'm in the market for a filter).

5. I cannot walk or move in heels, so I don't wear them....EVER.

6. I absolutely love chicken and could eat it everyday. Well I do actually. Thank God the whole bird thingys over with. I was going down without a doubt.

7. I walk on our treadmill at least every other day, and if nothings on TV, I watch my Pride and Prejudice DVD over and over again ( I know, completely pump you up kind of stuff. I'm hard core).

And I'll give you one extra since I got this award from four people.

8. I used to be a Truck Driver (13 years, 26 states).Yep, the big ones. I hauled steel. Forty eight thousand pounds of it daily, which gave my truck and trailer a gross weight of around 78,000 pounds. I was a closet sleeper writer/reader. They kicked me out because I refused to wear a cowboy hat, boots, or carry a chain wallet ( kidding). Most truck drivers really don't do that anyway. It is an experience I will be proud of forever. It taught me so much about overcoming obstacles. Funny how the things you think would never apply, always do somehow.

That's it. Please go and check out the blogs I've mentioned. They're pretty awesome. And while you're here, tell me something about you.


  1. Awww, thank you so much for the award. *scratches head* Now I gotta think of something interesting to say about myself. Eek!

  2. Thanks for the award...very cool of you!

  3. Aw, thanks for the award! Love your facts! Wow, truck driving!

  4. Yes Abby, I don't do it anymore. And I don't miss it in the least bit, but it was a part of my life for a long time. I was never that stereo typical truck driver though, so that makes a difference.

  5. Congratulations on your award! I love your 8 things!

  6. ha ha... a truck driver mama! Rock on, sista. That's fantastic. I've always thought it's be a fun and freeing job.. but man, I hate traffic.

    I love your list! I'm only 5'2 so you've got me on a couple inches there.

  7. I think your list is fantastic and award is well deserved. Congratulations. I am always cold too.


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