Monday, January 17, 2011


Aspiring Author backed her silver SUV into the garage. She had much to do on that particular evening. What, with groceries to put away, characters to round out, a puppy to walk, and proofreading over her manuscript to be done. With so much to do, she could hardly relish in the sweetness of her gum, nor in the satisfaction of nearly stealing chicken at less than two bucks per pound, but it was perfectly legal. She rounded the stairs and there he was. That entrancing specimen she called her husband. The one man who could lull her away with those enticing little whispers meant to provoke mischief in the middle of the afternoon.
"What's the matter." He said.
"Nothing, why?" She asked.
"Well, you look angry. Is something wrong?"
"No, I'm fine. I was just thinking about one of the characters in my manuscript." She replied.
He smirked. "Did this character do something to you to make you angry? You know they're not real people."
She glared "Cute. I know they're not real. I'm not mad at my character, I was simply thinking about him."
He raised an eyebrow."So now you're thinking about another man?"
She folder her arms across her chest. "Seriously?"
"Well, he is a guy, fantasy or not. And you look angry so-"
She gritted her teeth "That's because"
"Well, all I'm saying is you shouldn't allow characters to affect your mood so much." He shrugged.
She stalked off.
"Where are you going?" he asked
"To the bedroom." she mumbled over her shoulder.
She closed the door to their room and crossed the floor to the chest of drawers standing at the far end of the room. She found his favorite pair of socks, the ones with the lose ends she's been dying to throw away forever. She opened the frayed end and discarded her gum, ensuring that it would reach the toe. She folded the pair together, closed the drawer, and left the room.
She bounded around the corner to the kitchen smiling.
"There's my girl." He said, embracing her. " Guess somebody needed a minute to get their mood in check?"
"Yes." She smiled, staring up at him. "I just had to take a moment to channel my feelings in the right direction."
"So you gave this character of yours the once over for ruining your mood huh?" he said
"Yes." she patted his back. "That character really got what was coming to him."

The End.


  1. Lol! That is BRILLIANT! I've really gotten into my characters too. I think it great that they affect your mood. That means you're really inside the head of a character that isn't like you. That leads to great character development!

  2. Giggle! What a great story. I may have to try that gum-thingie-mood- fixer-upper sometime.

  3. Bahahaha! So funny! My husband has that charm about him too. Must be a man thing. That "I can annoy the beegeezus out of you on purpose with a smile just because" thing.

  4. Thanks for the laugh; I really needed it. You are right, sometimes our characters can take over our minds and our moods.

  5. LOL loved this post! My characters infiltrate my mind much more often than I should probably admit:)

  6. LOL! You are so funny... love it! And that's a great idea with the gum in sock! Totally stealing it.

  7. Ha! I was in a bit of a mood last week (main character related), and my husband took it all personally. I finally looked at him and said, "it's not always about YOU, okay?"

    But, then of course it became about him.

    Well said!


  8. Thanks for the comments guys. I really appreciate them and I live to make people laugh whenever possible.

  9. Love this! You're so right - our characters can affect us in so many ways!


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