Friday, January 14, 2011

The First Ever Probly Not the Best Ever Found It Friday.

Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming that I found any of these things first. You may have already found them. If not, please enjoy and you must read on to find out what this picture is all about.

Well, Found it Friday's was a little more of a challenge than I thought. Have any idea how much awesome information is out there? I do. The problem was trying to pick just a few. It's not like you guys have all day to read this post. Right? So here's a few things I thought I'd share with you that I found to be noteworthy.

1. The absolutely amazing and generous Lydia Sharp is holding a first chapter critique contest over here. The coolest part about this contest is how everyone's a winner but I actually found it through fellow blogger extraordinaire Pk Hrezo.

2. I found this great post on the ten commandments of social networking over at The Waxman Literary Agency.

3. Should you use the names of real famous people or not when referring to songs and such in your book? The answer is here.

4. Now for the breathtaking dress in the picture. Let me introduce you to Olesya Grabovskaya. She's a student at The Art Institute in Seattle and she's working towards her degree in fashion design. How cool is that? Well, authors sometimes tend to be glued to their computers writing and such, and for some of us, staying trendy can be umm...well...difficult. Did I mention Olesya will work with you to make whatever you might need. How amazing is that? Just think people, what if you buy that dress off the sales rack in Bloomingdale's, ya know, the one you'll need for that release day party. And you end up having to fire your agent because she shows up wearing the same freaking dress (tragic) after all those queries and all that work, she's gone just like that. Note: If this happens to you, please send her my way while she's vulnerable. I don't mind being a rebound client and personally I could care less if she shows up at my release day party naked and holding my book in her bum. That's dedication if you ask me. So check out Olesya's blog. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more form her in the future.

5. And lastly, I'll leave you with a quote from Melissa Marr (Ink Exchange) that I found both touching and inspiring:
" To all the people who've been in the abyss and found (or are finding) a way to reach solid ground-you're proof that the seemingly impossible can happen."

Happy Weekend! 


  1. Thanks for all the links and awesome things.

  2. Wow! Bunch of awesome bits! Thanks for the links!

  3. Great post- thanks for all the links!

  4. Very cool! I'm all over that third link, and wow that pk hrezo blogger is really something. ;)
    hee hee thanks for the mention.
    Hmmm... holding a book in your bum.... that creates an interesting image. lol

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. And Pk, you're welcome.

  6. Hey hey hey - - - you've won an award on my blog - - - go check it out!!! (It will be posted Monday morning.)

  7. Oh, I am going to LOVE Found It Fridays, I can tell. These are great!


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