Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vision Without Execution Is Delusion...Thomas Edison

Ah, but where is the line? When it comes to writing, execution can take an eternity or at least feel like it. Ever heard the question, "Why is your book taking so long to write?" And you, for being the genius that you undoubtedly are give the concise because. Well just roll with it! Those people who may begin to look at you as delusional can soon become the antagonists in your work, (we all know the bad guy never wins) thus helping to settle the score (just change the names, they'll never know).  You can't rush perfection, not that it would ever be conceived as that to start with. Somebody's going to hate your work. But the many twists and turns of a story are just that, and without enough time, your work will be unrecognizable even to you. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you've never had the glorious experience of starting a story then being amazed yourself at how it ended. Those are the best kinds, especially, when you were the author. So let your work simmer for awhile. Take breaks and go back to it. You'll not only see it differently, you will able to apply all the things you've learned while you were away because that's what we do. While we step away from a project we feed on knowledge and that when applied is golden. As my daughter always says: "Don't worry Mom, Rome didn't fall in a day and it took that Michael Angel dude more than a day to paint the 16th chapel." Ah...nothing like a public education. I am so proud!


  1. Thanks for the post and inspiration. I like the fact that it takes me awhile to write but am amazed at those who can do it in 1-3 months also.

  2. Your welcome Regina. I can usually come up with a rough draft in about 3 months but it's the revisions that seem to take an eternity.


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