Friday, October 22, 2010

Sick and Tired?

Hello to everyone and I hope you will excuse my absence over the past two days. I've been consumed with revisions, reading, writing, a date day with the hubby, and off on a 130 mile adventure to the oral surgeon. My 16 year old daughter is ecstatic that her wisdom teeth have decided to become impacted. She's glowing to the point of inspiration (although it could be inflammation)and I'm certain it will be all she can do to contain her excitement between now and next Friday when they cut them out. Rest assured people, my devious mind is already at work. I can't wait to put broccoli in the blender and I'm going to throw in some peas too, she'll never know. She best be an angel all week, or I swear she'll be drinking brussel sprouts through a straw. I can't be trusted with a blender. I just can't.
So-now onto what I was really going to blog about. The writing world is full of opinion (shock) and thus everyone has their own preferences when it comes to reading and writing. But what are you totally sick of? It doesn't have to be genre, although, I'm sick of people who read non-fiction or poetry blabbing that they're sick of vampires. Well-duh! You never liked them to start with. Go back to reading Ann Coulter and Frost (not knocking Frost-his work is AWESOME)and leave the rest of us tucked cozily away in nether-land. We like it here! So, are there not enough monsters, too many shape-shifters? Are you sick of vampires? What about beautiful people, or clumsy little girls who wish they were popular? Or-I know, how about serial killers stalking unsuspecting women at night-in parks for Christ sake("shudder")?Personally, I'm not. I would love a mix up though. Like-what if we could have a slightly overweight vampire who talks with a lisp and has learned to survive on milk, only to discover he's lactose intolerant, and now has to struggle between his allergy and killing innocent human beings. Oh-but then as fate would have it, he stumbles upon a slightly overweight goddess divine who happens to be a speech pathologist, and she's standing right there in the soy milk section of a supermarket("Awe"). They fall madly in love over a carton of Lactaid and live happily ever after. Now that's a vampire novel I want to read! Okay-now your turn. What are you sick of.


  1. LOL! Well, I say go with it... that's a great idea for a story!!! But honestly I am over the vampire thing right now.. the teen vampires anyway. Give me a good grown up story and I'll be into it. Bram Stoker's Dracula is still my fave.

    I think if it's good, there's room for it regardless how overdone it is.

  2. What am I over -- Hot, popular, guys who fall for the seemingly unattractive, self-conscious, smart girl in the back of the classroom for no apparent reason. It seems to be the main premises for a lot of YA books these days.

    And dead fathers --particularly ones who leave family secrets behind for their seemingly unattractive, self-conscious, smart daughters to figure out!

  3. So true PK, a good book is just a good book period. And Trisha, you are so right. I have two projects going right now, both are YA and both are very different, however, both my protagonists are strong teenage girls who don't budge easily. They're not to be led astray by a seemingly hot boy. Oh and one of them is even a little on the heavy side. Come on people, not everybody's beautiful! I wanna see a muffin top every now and then. I'd like for girls to read them one day and think a little more about their inner strength. Yeah!


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