Friday, October 15, 2010

Next On The Shelf

While waiting for the UPS angel to bring me the second book in the Evernight series, Stargazer by: Claudia Gray, I've decided to move onto the Immortals series by: Alyson Noel. Evermore is the first book in this highly reviewed series and I can't wait to see what lies behind the prologue.
Now for my review of Evernight:  It was a slow build to the center which then left me gawking at the page in an "I can't believe this just happened" moment. In retrospect, the slow build was considerably necessary. The mouth dropping moment would not have been so profound had the slow build to the climax not been there. I love trying to figure out what's to come but then being blown away when all my theories are proven to be wrong. I anxiously look forward to Stargazer's arrival and hope to be just as surprised by the many twists and turns it's likely to hold. What    have you read lately that has truly left you rereading that last sentence while saying, OMG out loud (don't do this in a coffee shop, people will stare at you and think you're weird)? I wouldn't know what that's like but I wouldn't want it to happen to you.

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