Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stalking the Masses!

Happy Tuesday*wave from the chaise* Before my post, I thought I'd recommend yesterday's Pub Rant from agent Kristin Nelson. Still have a red spot on my forehead after reading this one. FYI-If you've done this before, close your lap-top or move the keyboard before you slam your head into it. If you don't do this, the space bar will leave a weird looking mark and you'll look like a dork.
Now, with that said, onto today's post:
As writers, we create new worlds, characters, and images that entertain and inspire the minds of our readers. At least that's what we're hoping for. Doesn't always turn out that way but that's the goal. We all have different ways of conjuring up a story. But where do your characters come from. At times, I feel like I'm stalking the masses. I find myself watching people in the check out line, at the gas station, a restaurant. Don't worry, I'm not wearing dark sunglasses, whilst hiding behind a magazine, shrouded in a gaudy scraf . I save those outfits for surveying my teenagers on Saturday nights-that's different.  Wherever I may be, I'm always making a mental note when I see a peculiar twitch, an exaggerated grimace, a blank stare, a comical mishap. The list could go on forever. It's as though my brain never takes a break. I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. But all of it comes together for me when I'm inventing the personalities of my characters and I love watching them evolve before my eyes. How does this happen for you? Do your characters favor you and your own idiosyncrasies? Are you stalking the masses too? Let me know how you tick or if I'm just really weird. Trust me, it's been said before.


  1. You're not alone. I tend to watch people's actions and expressions (sometimes I'm close enough to catch a great phrase to use, too!)

  2. I'm definitely a people-watcher. I can usually trace my characters back to myself more than anyone else...

  3. I think we're all people watchers! I don't often consciously work them into my stories, but they're all there in the stew, waiting to have their component parts pulled out and assembled in new ways.

    Oh my, am I writing Frankenstories?

  4. I enjoy watching people, and imagining stories about them. Active imagination+ people watching= novelist:)!

  5. Elena, I agree. My characters resemble a little bit of me occasionally too.

    Maria, this reminds me of a scene in the new DVD called Date-Night. The husband and wife have a routine where they try and guess what's going on at another table while out to dinner. A total crack up.

    Mary, I steal quotes all the time and I never feel guilty. Is that bad?

    Amie-love the Frankenstories! Sounds like a great new series for children. You should get on that.

  6. I stalk people too! Usually if I am out with friends having dinner or a drink or something it's great to listen to those awkward pick-up lines or people on dates. I think that's my favorite, because they are so nervous.


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