Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Qua

She sashayed through the house, tie-dyed sheet wrapped round her middle, hands holding onto the ends, arms spread out like wings. Through fluttering lashes, twists and turns, she watched him, hoping he might inquire. Finally, he looked up and held her gaze, extended a quizzical brow then went back to the business section of the newspaper.

She was channeling again, reaching into the misty waters of a world unknown to him. A world within her mind where faery's live to seduce, prey on unsuspecting maidens, and apparently cook breakfast burritos. He was no maiden and she was no faery. He shuddered as she ran a light fingertip down the line of his jaw then watched in mock horror as she stole his coffee and twirled off in a blur of color. She was in qua with one of her characters again, inspired by a scene she'd no doubt created just last night. He wasn't one to thwart inspiration. The paper could wait.

Qua on people! 


  1. Are we getting into character again?? :)Am I a nitwit? Cuz I don't know what qua is. :s

  2. LOL! Hope you had fun exploring your character!

  3. LOVE this! Most original Q post I've seen!


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