Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jovial is the Word.

And jovial is what I always try to be whether I'm hosting this blog, a barbecue, or stalking the aisles of the grocery store. I love to see people smiling. I find great satisfaction in hearing laughter and it's even more thrilling to cause it on occasion. Sometimes, there's just no place for seriousness but laughter is always welcome. Unless you're at a funeral. Don't do it. People will forgive all sorts of things but that's not one of them.

That's it for the day, people. Saunter (virtually) off to another blog and be jovial.



  1. I love visiting your blog daily, knowing something you say s going to make me smile! Thanks for being so jovial for us!

  2. I think you should be jovial at funerals to.

  3. I love the layout on your blog. Very pretty!

  4. thank you for being jovial, its a great J word.

    and thank you for the visit to my blog, hope you are having a great a to Z



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