Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Omigosh it's that time of year again, the time for all those resolutions and whatnot. Mine are a total bore this year. Heck, I'm not even being original or anything. I pledge to myself and my jean closet (it's just a regular closet that has jeans in it, didn't mean to make it sound like I had a whole closet dedicated to jeans) that I will lose ten (15) pounds before summer and hang these fat pants back up in the back of the closet where they belong. I also pledge to finish my MS (again). Yes, again. See I thought I'd finished it before but then everything changed during the revision process, and as it turned out, once I removed a whole lotta crap from it, I ended up with a whole new re-write. I sure hope all the changes make it a better story. We shall see.

Well that's it. See, told you my resolutions were boring and unoriginal. I started to add a new agent to stalk but I am so not ready for agent stalking yet. Maybe next year. Right now I'm too busy with the re-write to even have time for cutting out letters in old magazines to send encrypted messages to literary agents. That and the dog chewed the handles off the scissors. Seriously, no joke. They look like they went through a meat grinder. Quite impressive. So what's your New Years resolution? Anyone planning on adopting a scissors eating very BAD dog?  


  1. Happy new year, Tammy! I hope things work out for you. Just gotta be positive (^;

  2. I know what you mean! After the last round of edits on the ms I thought was done, I now see I am SO not done! :) And the dog thing too. Every time I tried to wrap presents while watching my parents dog, I'd find him sneaking away with scissors in his mouth. Can't be the most comfortable chew toy. Maybe they like the challenge?

  3. Amen to getting rid of fat pants! And finishing rewrites. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year and good luck! Those are fantastic resolutions:)

  5. LOL! Glad he only ate the handles and not the full scissors.

    Love your goals-- know you will do great with both. Remember- revisions are like the diamond cutters who see the gem inside the raw stone.


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