Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dog Gone...CRAZY!

So, I've been MIA for like ever and to those of you who have not decided to un-follow my blog, I'd like to say I appreciate you still being there or um here. Right now I'm trying to Christmas shop, work, wrap presents, write, and in the midst of all of that, I'm trying to become the doggie whisperer. I know I'm not supposed to feel guilty about blogging or not blogging, but sometimes I just do and probably always will. I prefer self loathing from time to time. It gives me an excuse to have wine. Just kidding about that last part. I never need an excuse to have wine.

As some of you may already know, I have a Great Dane. His name is Cooper and he's just turned a year and a half this month. He's so sweet and cuddly, AND he's lost his freaking mind. While I'm trying to write, he stands behind my chair, flipping my ponytail up and down, trying to get my attention. When that fails, he stands behind me, resting his head on my shoulder in some sort of staring contest I'm not even participating in, and I'm not sure how to convey that to him. Casualties are high in the Mckee household. We've lost two high heels which I won't miss at all. Say what you want, they're not natural anyway so no loss. On a sad note, we've lost a pair of Merrell's which was a bad day. Those shoes were like little pillows of heaven strapped to my feet. Sighs.

Aside from the shoes, we've lost two Christmas ornaments, a phone case, and I think he ate a slipper but I can't prove it til tomorrow. I Googled the terrible two's for dogs, and it turns out, they actually have them. Who knew? I'm worried the poor thing may think his first name has been changed to Damn-it. Other times, I can't even form an actual, intelligible word and its really sad when your dog knows you're making crap up. So this is what's going on in my little world. What's going on in yours?


  1. OMG! Tam, you make me laugh! (sorry- I know how hard it is when your doggie is in the midst of their terrible twos!)

    My co-worker said Copper reminds her of the Mastiff she had- who interestingly enough had a thing for heels, too.

    All in all, it could be worse- you could have a pair of cats who go to the bathroom on the bathroom floor instead of walking the extra 12 inches to the litter box :-)

  2. I love dog posts, and yet whenever I post on dogs, my blog is quiet. :(

    I have also gone dog gone crazy! I have a little white dog. And this last week I was watching my sisters little 1 yr old dog , Molly, as well as my parents' 7 month old black fluffy dog, Vader. It's been a crazy week, and yes a zhu zhu pet was injured and a stuffed giraffe lost his eyes and some of his stuffing. :)

  3. lol... Hey TC!!I've missed ya! Cooper is so cute! We have a 2 year old labradoodle and he is a maniac. So i know just how you feel. Last week alone he ripped off the neighbor's lamppost and broke it, attacked our xmas tree and shattered ornaments, got into chocolate candy stash .... and he gets in the bathroom garbage daily if the door isn't shut. omgosh he is so high maintenance. BUt he's also a great big teddy bear and I just love him, which is a very good thing or i'd have to kick him to the curb. there were days during the first year that I didn't think I could keep him cuz i didn't have the patience.

  4. I feel your pain. We have a lab about the same age. He has eaten every damn Christmas ornament on the bottom half of the tree. I am surprised he is still kicking around when I consider half of the things he has ingested. Your Great Dane is cute though. . . and huge!

  5. A Great Dane. Wholly Mackarel that's a big dog. The good news is he'll probably grow out of it in a year or so. Of course my little pooch is still at it and he's three and a half. Good luck. I suggest investing in a giant bone and walking him more (not that it helped Jakeeno, it's what the vet told me to do).

  6. Ohhh, he's so adorable, I just wanna give him a big pooch smooch. Hey, at least he doesn't lick his own penis in front of company like my cat does - right? I know a FABULOUS animal communicator who works long distance if you want her contact info. Happy 4-legged parenting!

  7. That dog is so cute! But thank you for reminding me why I don't need a dog! Lol.
    I'm doing everything last-minute this year. Well I hope you have a Merry Christmas!:)


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