Thursday, June 30, 2011


Its nearly the end of yet another week. I've just finished reading City of Fallen Angels. Thought it was the last book in The Mortal Instruments Series. Guess what, its not. Imagine my surprise as I got to the last page. Now I only have to wait about a year for part five. Gah!

I've been writing a lot. I need to take a break and visit everyone's blog, see what you've all been up to. Other than that, I've got nothing. What about you?


  1. I've finished my current MS, on to editing. Should be fun, but it's not my favorite process.

  2. I'm back from holiday! And with pretty exciting news :)

    Saw the pic of your new space a couple of entries back -- lucky you!

  3. I'm thinking about taking abreak soon, its been busy with painting and life....would love a visit. Stay blessed Amanda
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