Saturday, June 18, 2011


Ever feel like Captain Jack Sparrow when it comes to making progress? I generally do. An entire vicious tribe of revisions just chasing you down.  I wish I could run like that. Totally  hilarious. At the very least, my lot of revisions could be entertained while waiting on progress. I think I could watch him run all day. A true work of art. In case you haven't guessed, my daughter and I went to see the movie last night. Wonderful. If you haven't seen it already, get on that. You'll be glad you did.

In all seriousness, I've been making some real progress. The revisions are running along at a much faster pace than usual. I don't know what's up with that, but all of a sudden, I'm zipping through chapters, well, maybe its more of a stroll but you get the picture. I wonder sometimes if I'm controlling this whole writing thing at all. I mean, sometimes I think I'm at the whole proverbial wheel, but other times I'm not so sure. I bet you've been there in those moments where you just stare at the computer screen and drink cup after cup of coffee only to produce half a word. Then a day or two later, you sit down in your creative lab and the words shoot out of your fingers like flicks of fire from your wrist. My husband usually looks up from his computer to inquire about what on earth I'm writing, to which I reply, "I have no idea, Silence!" He then shakes his head and goes back to ESPN news. Oh, but I'm weird. Honestly though, where does all that come from? How can we be completely blank one second then bursting brain cells the next. Are we normal? If not, we're at least cool, right? So, how about you and your progress this week? Do tell.

Happy Weekend.


  1. My week's consisted a lot more of the drinking coffee than the writing. Just too restless; write 2 words, walk about for 10 mins, write 2 more words. Time to turn things around...

  2. LOL! Yes there are some laughs in Pirates 4. I agree some days the ideas flow othertimes I am stagnant. I guess it's the lull before the storm! LOL! :O)

  3. I was on a roll with my current WIP, but then received the judges feedback from my completed manuscript that I'd entered in a contest and placed. The same one sitting on a prospective agents desk. So now I wonder if I should go back and do some tweaking to that as per the judges feedback, or keep plugging away at my WIP. Not knowing has left me not doing anything.

    And then, I opened the new Stephenie Meyer book, the one about Twilight saga (I posted about it on my blog) and now I'm wondering if I should sit and write character back stories on all my characters before going any farther in the story.

    AHHH! Who knows!?

  4. I didn't get to do as much with my WIP this week as I wanted due to work and life. But, I do know where I am going now--I just need to get it down in writing instead of floating in my head!

    Glad you enjoyed the movie. Have a great week!


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