Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Wish I May.

Okay, so I've been knee deep in following my dreams this week, well, some of them anyway. I've been ranting about my own space for what seems like forever and finally my family can take it no more. Thank God. How long does one person have to roll their eyes before someone notices? So at last, my office will no longer be at one end of the kitchen table. When one desk is picked up from some stranger's house this weekend, and the paint dries, I will have one slightly used office of my very own. It will even have a door (jumps up and down, dances without an ounce of rhythm). Hey, that almost sounded like the beginning of a terrible query letter.

Dear Lucky Agent,

       When a slightly worn desk gets picked up at a stranger's house over the weekend, unsuspecting and aspiring author T.C. Mckee picks up more than she could have ever bargained for. Hidden beneath a secret door inside the desk is the captured demon, Time. The minute the door is breached, T.C.'s life is changed forever, as she's unleashed a powerful demon who's got exactly that...forever. T.C.'s only hope is that she can find the missing key that will lock away Time forever before he insures the paint in her office never dries.

That was fun. Wish me luck people. I'm about a day away from splashing a little Vintage Ribbon onto a wall. I would like to thank my family and Valspar for this opportunity.


  1. Awesome, Tammy. A new office is absolutely wonderful for those times you need to escape!

  2. Yeah! Good luck! Love the query, BTW.

  3. At my last house I made a walk-in closet into an office. I hope though, I'll have a real closet, complete with a window, at my next house!

    You know, once the paint dries and the inspirational pictures are hung, WE WANT PICTURES!!! ;)

  4. Yay! So happy for you and jealous. I would love a door, a room for that matter. I think it is fabulous that you will get your own little creative space. About damn time! ;D

  5. Hooray on getting your own space! And with a desk no less!

  6. Enjoy your new office! Think of all the creative fun you'll have in there.

    I have an office I love with no door. I'm a little jealous you'll have both. Maybe I'll hang a curtain...that actually might get Beloved Husband to buy and hang a door. Hmm..


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