Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeling the love and support.

It's been a long month and I cannot believe we're a day away from October. Where has the summer gone? I spotted a nutcracker at the mall last week. Yes, Belk has already decorated for Christmas and I fear Macy's is next. That confirms it! Christmas is just around the corner. Truthfully, I wanted to find the mall manager, shake his bow-tie loose and demand to know why we have to look at nutcrackers for three freaking months. But that would have been wrong and it probably would have gotten me on the, no-shop list. Nobody needs that.

Don't worry, I'm not opposed to Christmas. I love it. And I've no objections to the mall managers bow-tie. It suits his frame quite well. It was the nutcracker and what he represented in my little bubble. My goal for the summer had not been completed. Sighs. I'd hoped by the end of summer, my MS would be ready to submit. Well, its not. Not by a long shot. I guess when its ready its ready and when its not, its just not. I was bummed for part of the week.


The hubs looked at me and said the most inspiring three words: "Do this thing!"

Um...well...okay. So, after sulking over my missed, personal deadline, I dove into my MS and really started working on it, not that I wasn't already, but maybe I wasn't as into it as I should have been. We should not write or revise when we're bummed, people. No! That never ends well. Knowing what to do, I reached out for the support of my CP's. One of them could not be reached due to computer issues, but fortunately, one of my CP's IM'd me with some uplifting thoughts, and support. She then offered me a new beta prospect, and then I spotted the hubs walking down the hall carrying the laundry.  I spun my chair around to help him, but he pointed to the computer screen, demanding I keep writing.  It may have been the hottest thing ever. Swoon...

So...I perked up and decided to use the nutcracker as my next goal. I may even go out to Belk today and pick one up to set on my desk. When I get irritated, I'll flick him in the eye. Evil, I know. But I'm doing this thing. I am. So help me and that damn nutcracker, this is happening!

How about you? Have you missed a personal deadline? Does anyone want to see the nutcracker?

Do tell...


  1. It's crazy that the Christimas stuff is already everywhere. They used to wait until the day after halloween--and that felt early like Thanksgiving was totally skipped but it was better than this... Good luck w/ ur ms.

  2. LOL. I long ago gave up on solid deadlines. They stress me out. I remember being at that point--where I thought I was just about ready to go with one of my projects, so I sent it out to CP's, and wow, it came back in shreds. I looked at the pieces, swallowed, and dumped them in the "one day" bin. (I'll come back to it when I love it again.)

    Your stuff is awesome, and it is always getting better. I'm super excited to see how it comes out--and what a fabulous hubby you have! (So uh, does that mean you want me to expedite feedback? *gulp*)

    Okay, enough rambling. Tag, you're it! It's your turn to rave about your WIP in The Next Big Thing Bloghop.

  3. LOL! What a great tale. I like giving the nutcracker the evil eye. I try not to give myself rigid deadlines because then i just stress, become ill and miss them completely. I've found setting less rigid goals works for me. Good luck with your MS and nutcracker. Intriguing...

  4. LOL! Christmas comes to the stores earlier every year.

    Yay for the hubs helping out so you can write. That is so awesome.

    Can't wait to see what you send me next!


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