Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Victim

Today, you can catch me, the first victim of the: Yeah but would you date me, Wednesday? Actually, you can catch my character, Addie Heaton over at Fiona Claire's Blog. Please stop by, read a few lines and leave a comment or two. And then, if you're game, send us your first chapter. Let us get to know your character, see if he or she is datable, lovable. Feedback is always beneficial. Comment away. 

Disclaimer: My family, like everyone was present during this post. Everyone was also talking at one time about everything. So, I hardly know what this says or if it even makes sense. Just go see Fiona. For me, for Addie. And thank you.  


  1. Hey great! You got a victim.. uh, i mean participant. ;)

    BTW you won the eBook version of The Emotion Thesaurus! I think I have your email... I'll forward it to Becca so she can get in touch with you. :) Congrats!


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