Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hellooooo! I'm so excited! I bought a new computer. An I-MAC (choir sang as I opened the box). Holy Lord, I had no idea my old computer was so freaking slow. Blogging had become more like post, watch the wheel, and repeat. And for those of you who still have that whole word recognition thingy in order to post, I nearly had a brain aneurism every time I tried to post on your blog.  It took me like an hour to visit four blogs. Not cool!! After awhile, I gave up and just decided to write and then when I was ready, I'd get back into it. Well, wheel watching was going to cause me head trauma. And apparently, my husband had been planning to kill me if he heard me yell Gah, one more time (that's not nice). So, the hubbs refused to allow me to bang my head into the computer desk a day longer. Like a crazy person, he drove me to Best Buy to buy a new computer. IN A SNOW STORM. How romantic. NOT! Actually, it was pretty scary, even touch and go there for a minute. Rest assured I strapped Mac in on the way home. Hello, safety first. I cannot wait to see what everyone has been up to. I bet half of you are published already and I so missed it while wheel watching. NO MORE! I will be stalking you shortly.


  1. Yeah! Congrats. My writing partner, Ainsley, got a new MAC last year and loves it. Enjoy!

  2. LOL!!!! Glad you love your new computer and hope to see/hear more from you! I've missed your posts for my morning smile!

  3. A decent computer makes all the difference :) Very happy for you, I totally understand how it feels.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  4. Hey there TC! WOndering where you've been! Congrats on the new computer. Yes it makes all the difference to have one that can keep up with you. lol
    Hope to see yo back in action around the blogosphere! Missed your funny comments and posts!


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