Friday, July 22, 2011

Habitually YA

Er-I'm now convinced I'm stuck in the ninth grade. Okay, so here's the story. I go to Sam's, ya know the buy 2000 rolls of toilet paper in bulk store for those of you who may not have one. My husband headed for the tire department and that brought on a bout of clairvoyance for me. I just knew I'd be bored to tears but I blamed it on the smell. Always stick to the nausea claim when looking at tires. It'll get you out of there every time. So, I ended up in the book aisle. No surprise. I grabbed two immediately, one that was on my to-read list, and one that just looked good. Covers do sell. Then I oohed out loud when I spotted the fluffy little flip flop bedroom slippers on aisle 74 (it felt like 74). But that's neither here nor there. We all know how that ended. I made it home with my new treasures, propped up the toesies and began reading my finds. Book one, awesome. It was SHIVER. Loved it. Book two, I'll not mention and that's not because it's a bad book. It's me not the book. I opened it,  read through ten, twelve pages, flipped back, read a word here and there, flipped forward. Sat straight up in bed, searching "what the-." There wasn't a single young adult word anywhere. Then I discovered the problem. It was an adult paranormal romance. Oh! Shakes head. I'm not old enough to read those. Apparently.

I used to read adult everything, even (whispers) non-fiction. I don't even know how this happened but I no longer enjoy much of anything unless it's YA. Well, I do love the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. There's a lot of history and smut. I'm a sucker for both but YA just has a lighter feel. It takes me back to the day, the discovery of new things, all of it. This new read actually mentioned like bills and stuff. Ew. No. So that's it I guess. I'm all YA and I doubt I will ever cross back over. How about you?

 Update for Word Weight Wednesday.

I completely skipped out on Word/Weight Wednesday. Why? Well, I'm up two pounds and down on word count. It's my husbands fault. He wanted pizza for his birthday. Come on, it's pizza. It was good. I'm not even gonna lie. I've been swamped with work. That's the good news and I'm totally grateful for that. So many are struggling in this economy. It's a scary time for all. So if the worst of it is not having the time to exercise occasionally, visit my story, or even  my blogging buddies, whom I miss so much, then I guess I can accept all that while I'm blessed with work. Will be stopping by as soon as I can. In the meantime, tell me what you've been up to.


  1. I have been working and plugging away on my WIP. I feel like it's time to warp the story up, it's wrapping itself up, but I worry it doesn't have enough words so I'm kinda worried about that.

    Yes, Shiver was good!

    And about the YA thing. Totally. I automatically gravitate to YA fiction at the library and book stores. It's the covers, the content, the story, everything.

    I was helping my parents run a garage sale today and two teenage girls showed up with their moms who were friends too. I just smiled. I get this happy feeling when I'm around teen girls because I want to sit and chat with them and ask what they like in a book and what they've read and then tell them that I'm writing a book just for them. I can't wait to be published and do those things at my book signings. :)

  2. I loved this post on all counts!

  3. I hear you on the busy part. Life and work have swung into crazy this summer. As for what I'm up to- well, I'm querying and writing and waiting.

    Oh, and I'll read almost anything--MG, YA, adult. The only thing I usually don't read is erotica, and I am super light on reading non-fiction.

    Hope your word count goes up this week and the weight count goes down!

  4. I have moments like that where a book doesn't catch me as I would have hoped it would.

  5. LOL! Love this post. It's like biting into a cake thinking it will be sweet and it's sugar reduced. Things are eaggerated when you are expecting something else instead I guess. Adul paranormal romace. Hmmm sounds intriguing. Not something I would choose to read either. :O)

  6. AH! Me too. I try to "grow up," read something my own age...nothing doing. I'm YA forever and ever, even if that means I'll have high school dreams every night from now until the end of time. Worth it!

    From your newest follower :)


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