Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Would Elana Johnson Do?

Happy Mother's Day! Hope all the mom's out there are being pampered beyond belief. You deserve it! I'm heading out to dinner later with my parents and kids, but for now, I'm living it up in my pajamas. I feel so jacked up, course that could be due to the four cups of coffee I've had so far. So anyways, I wanted to brag about my mail bag and another Momma.

Just last week, I was graced with an envelope that contained a little bundle of bookmarks from the ever awesome Elana Johnson. Yes, I am that important. Hello, where have you people been? Actually, I sent her an email awhile back and offered to strong arm a few librarians around my little hometown and make them order her book. Several drop offs, and one restraining order later, the deed is done. Her book, POSSESSION comes out on June 7th and I am so excited for her and even more excited to read this book. But wait, there's more. Elana was sweet enough to send me an autographed bookmark for my keeping, but after a week of having such a gem in my possession (no pun intended), I had to ask myself, what would Elana do? I mean, if I sent her the bookmark of my up and coming novel, (laughs hysterically, sobs) graced with my very own signature, what would she do? Would she carry it around with her, bragging to everyone how she knows me, would she treasure it as though it were the key to some exotic city, talk to it when no one was around? We all know she would, but then, she'd pass it on because she's just that cool. So I'm gonna do the same. All you have to do, in honor of Mother's Day, is tell me the funniest thing your kid ever said. If you're not a  mother, just tell me something you said as a child or something you heard from somebody else's kid. Whoever makes me snort the most, gets the bookmark. And, you'll get to play a part in something else, but you'll have to win before I tell you what it is. In Elana's words, it's gonna be filled with "AWSOMESAUCE". Contest ends on Tuesday.

Happy rest of the weekend, people.


  1. What a super cool thing to do! I have one of my own already so I don't need to win, but I'll tell you something really cute my son said when he was like 4--he was wearing crocs outside and got really frustrated and yelled, "Mom, there's a porcupine in my shoe!" LOL. Turns out he had a little sandspur in there, but his fist thought was it had to be a pokey porcupine.

    Happy Mother's Day, TC!! Enjoy your dinner!!

  2. Brilliant idea. My parents had some Nigerian friends and apparently I felt the top of the ladie's head as a 2.5 yr old and said:
    "I think it's hair"

    Thankfully the Nigerian lady laughed heartily and while my parents were mortified they were relieved that their friends weren't offended. :O)

  3. What a great idea! I won't enter since I'm overseas, but I love those bookmarks.


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