Friday, December 17, 2010

Short and Sweet!

Today's post is gonna to live up to it's title. If none of it should make any sense whatsoever, please forgive me. I have a house full of family members trying to get ready for Christmas shopping, an incredibly spoiled one hundred and ten pound puppy on my lap ( he thinks he's a shih-tzu),everyone's talking at the same time, two phones are ringing and I can't find either one of them, one daughter is blaring what sounds like Eminem while the other one is blaring Slipknot. I should be feeling angry at the moment, especially, given the music I'm being subjected to while I'm sitting here trying to indulge in my second cup of coffee. But instead, Cooper and I are just watching the ciaos unfold, and I'm feeling like Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation ( I just love that movie). So as I watch life happen throughout my house, I'm reminded that I need to make it happen throughout my WIP, because life does just that. It happens. When one complicated moment gets conquered, yet another is sure to follow. It's the good stuff and the bad stuff that keeps us on our toes. And occasionally, things will just blend together on their own, however impossible they may seem. After all, I think I just heard Eminem and Slipknot harmonize something unintelligible but it sounded pretty good. I feel so inspired. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. I love Eminem, so I couldn't get mad either. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a great image! Chaos is an awesome part of this time of year--you just have to relax into it, like you're doing. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I love Xmas Vacation too ... i have such a crush on Chevy Chase. ;)

    Enjoy the festivities!

  4. Regina-I'm not sure I love Eminem but it was definitely interesting. Merry Christmas!!

    Amie-yes, relaxing into it has been necessary for survival. LOL!

    PK-Chevy Chase? Eww! Too funny.


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