Thursday, November 7, 2013


Sex in YA... how far is too far? For like ever, sex scenes in YA have always been implied, left for the imagination. But lately, I've happened upon a couple of steamier scenes that seemed to break the rules. I'll dare not mention the titles here people. I'm not a smut spreader. Okay, so I am but I want you to spread the smut first ;)
Have you read anything lately that made you raise an eyebrow, gasp out loud, curl those tootsies? 

Do tell on the rule breakers and have a happy Friday! 

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  1. Well you know, I've gotten more lenient with this lately. I don't read erotica--and have no desire to--but I think steamy scenes in YA are necessary. I think it's when these things are NOT brought up and explored in books, that we raise secretive kids who find themselves in trouble cuz they were to embarrassed or humiliated to share with their parents or other mentors.


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