Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Nuts and Bolts

Dudes! I've so missed creeping on all my blogging buddies. Time is not on my side these days, but I had to tell you, I saw The Mortal Instruments this past weekend with my nephew, Ty. It. Was. Awesome. Mostly. Ty loved it. Hid his face at all the demon encounters. He's almost ten so it was kind of gross. But being with the little guy reminded me how important it is to step away from the lair, and work and spend time with the kiddos. As we waited in line I watched young Ty hang from the railing outside the theatre. I convinced him the railing had diohpyt revef cooties, and he should let go immediately. His mouth fell open and he stopped in mid-swing. Standing up, he let go of the railing and wiped his hands on his pants. I then had to translate the meaning of the backwards words... typhoid fever brought to the new world decades ago by dyslexic monkey's. Fits and Giggles. (even the old couple behind us thought this was funny) After that, I ordered tickets in a terrible British accent. (I am not British, like at all) Fits and Giggles. Two seconds later, we were standing at the snack counter where I requested tea and crumpets. I swear the teen with the carrot dreads did a cocker spaniel on me right then and there. Fits and Giggles. Carrot boy translated my request into cookies and Coke Zero and then proceeded to tell us our movie would be shown in theatre number 2. No he did NOT say NUMBER 2. To a nine-year-old, saying number 2 is like the funniest thing in the whole world. Like ever. Fits and Giggles. Movie aside, there's nothing better than hanging out with a kid and being one yourself. I have no problem with this at all. Kind of made me feel like I'd gotten down to the nuts and bolts of life...the stuff that truly matters...being silly, being happy, and saying crumpets in a crowded theatre labeled Number 2. Good times! When was the last time you acted like a 9 year old? Do tell.

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