Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today's post isn't about writing. It's about humanity. My heart is saddened tonight. When is it ever okay to blow up a human being? A child? At this hour, I don't know who's to blame for the Boston bombings. I just know that human beings did this to other human beings. Human beings sat and planned for this day. They created bombs to destroy, maim, and kill. And I'm sure they smiled when they succeeded. The first word that comes to mind for such madness is EVIL. But are we capable, as a society, to wrap our heads around that word? In the short term, I think so. But as the days pass on, I'm not so sure. We seem to forget as though we have to. As though a false sense of peace depends upon us forgetting the atrocities that drive us to pick up arms. But let us not forget the wounded. The dead. Not today. Not ever. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Boston.


  1. Well-said, TC. I think it just sucked the wind out of everyone yesterday. So tragic and senseless. No matter what anyone has ever done to you--and I mean ANYTHING--an 8 year old should never pay the price in your doling out of 'retribution'--much less scores of completely innocent people.

    Cowards and villains, that's all they are.

    I'm from Oklahoma, and the bombing there took place on my birthday 18 years ago this Friday. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Our high school essentially shut down as teachers brought TVs into classrooms so we could be kept up on what was happening. We all thought it was a gas leak explosion... and I remember classmates sobbing when they announced that they believed someone had done it deliberately. Back then, that was the absolute furthest things from our minds.

    I know people who lost loved ones there, I've worked with 'survivors'. Those scars never heal. And now all those poor folks in Boston are going to have to live their entire lives with the same pain.

    We pick up the pieces and move on, but we never forget.

  2. My husband pointed out this is the first true bombing since 9/11, but somehow it doesn't feel like that. It feels like these things happen all the time everywhere. However, I thought about it and he's right. It's usually random shootings.

  3. A very moving post. Sending hugs across the ocean.

  4. I find that humanity has become so cruel. Even the youth of today are less tolerant. I am also saddened about the terrible bombings, as it is almost all my family talks about here in South Africa. People just need to learn to respect each other and life again, no matter how big or small. Very moving post.


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