Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ever feel like this?

I found this little guy last night. He was just hanging out on the front door during a thunderstorm. Instantly, I felt a connection. We've all been there, sort of. Ya know, feeling like every door is closed off, barely offering a hint of an opening, and wondering if we just take that leap or not. Pretty scary stuff. Then I thought, well, maybe he's not stuck, or scared, or wondering if he should slide back down to the porch and lay low. No, maybe this little guy has had enough of laying low and he's just feeling adventurous. Then again, maybe he's just a creepy stalker frog. Are there laws against that sort of thing? Then my daughter told me to stop talking to the frog. There's nothing to figure out. He's just a frog, stuck to the front door. It's not a sign or a message. She can say whatever she wants but I think I had a moment there with little frog dude. It made me think about where I am with my writing. I know, kind of a stretch isn't it? Anymore, everything makes me think of my writing. I'm weird like that. But I think each of us can picture an agent on the other side of that door, scratching his or her head, while thinking, WOW, now that is determination. Right before they call the police. Don't go to this extreme. 

Are you on the porch, the door? Who's face are you in? There are so many stages to writing. As I told my good friend Mary Waibel last night. When I picture my WIP, I picture it in training pants, the little plastic ones, with little words all over them. But its a stage we all have to go through so I'm okay with that. So where are you? Are you like my little frog dude here? Or are you laying low on the porch, wondering if and when you might take that leap?


  1. I have to agree with you. You did indeed have a moment with the little frog dude. He made you think, didn't he? Nothing happens by chance.

  2. Out of training pants a long time ago but not secure enough to go commando!

  3. Definitely a moment with the frog- and it sounds like a good one, too!

    And I still love the diaper-training pants-big girl pants analogy. It was perfect!

  4. That was one insightful frog ;)

  5. We get these little frog dudes on our front door all the time. I name them. Beloved Husband shakes his head. I talk to them. Beloved Husband shakes his head. Yep. Sounds a lot like my writing. I talk while I'm writing and depending on how my day is going, give my MS colorful names. Next to me on the couch, Beloved Husband shakes his head.

  6. I am definitely the frog, right now. I am still querying even though I got a ton of rejection letter already. I just refuse to lay low.

    It is good that you weren't afraid of the frog. I would probably have run off screaming.


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